BoyarMiller Capital Markets Breakfast Panel

• After recovering from the last recession, the stock market has leveled out and most stocks are ‘fully priced’; therefore cash is looking in other directions for deployment

Professional money managers such as pension funds, endowment funds, life companies, etc., are experiencing yields lower than planned, and are in some cases pushing funds into private equity in search of higher yields

• Although there are some faint ‘caution lights’ blinking in the financial markets, there are not any firm indications of recession…perhaps a flattening or slight downturn, but nothing serious

• Tariff wars are creating uncertainties and specific issues with some companies that are rippling through the economy; some companies and industries are starting to really hurt due to the president’s tariff wars

• The prospect of an out-of-control Washington is scary to all business decision-makers and tariffs are just one thing contributing to anxiety; how do you plan with extreme polarization?…although cooler heads usually prevail

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