Adapt or Die

Amazon isn’t just an online book retailer, just as IBM was never solely about keyboards and microchips. These companies leveraged innovation to become global giants that changed everyday life for billions. With technology affecting commercial real estate – from multifamily to industrial – the success stories of tomorrow are dependent on making the right decisions today. While no one can predict the future, some have spent years studying technology and its impact on commercial real estate. To gauge what’s ahead for the industry, we talked to four tech experts in commercial real estate: Michael Beckerman, CEO of CREtech; Gary Beasley, CEO of online marketplace Roofstock; Noah Isaacs, co-CEO at Bowery Valuation; and Nate Loewentheil, senior associate at venture capital firm Camber Creek. Predicting an Uncertain Future. Though much of the corporate world shudders when they hear the word disruption, Beckerman, CEO of CREtech, a leading event, data, and content platform focused on tech in commercial real estate, sees it in less turbulent terms. “I don’t use words like ‘disruption’ because I don’t think that’s what is happening,” he says. “I prefer to use language like ‘tech enhancement’ because that is truly the byproduct of technology’s impact on CRE.” Click to read more at