Lunch With D CEO: Shawn Todd, of Todd Interests

The lunch crowd is just beginning to stream in when developer Shawn Todd arrives at Mirador, the buzzy restaurant atop Forty-Five Ten, a tony boutique in the heart of downtown Dallas. He takes note of the interior table where I’m sitting and asks a waitress if we can move to a spot that’s closer to the windows. “I promise I’m not high maintenance,” he assures her. Then he turns to me and adds, “I just want to look out at the buildings. You can see the history and get a great sense of what’s happening downtown.” Our new table offers a view of Main Street and Elm Street corridors … a swimmer cooling off in the cantilevered pool at The Joule, the Pegasus-topped Magnolia Hotel, and, down a bit on the right, the former First National Bank Tower. The 52-story building occupies the largest vacant block downtown. Various resuscitation attempts have been made over the years, most recently by Drever Capital Management. But now, the property is in the able hands of Todd, whose Todd Interests took control in May. Click to read more at