Corridor Cooperative: How Missouri City Leaders, Developers, and Property Owners are Working Together

So often when REDNews covers development in the suburbs, we’re highlighting growth in as-yet-undeveloped areas. Think massive master-planned developments, such as Grand Central Park near Conroe. However, many communities are reinvesting in existing areas. A key example of that is Missouri City, where city leaders are working with the real estate community to attract redevelopment and reuse. From his early memories of Missouri City, District A, City Councilman Reginald Pearson recalls a time when the corridor of Texas Parkway and Cartwright Road was the retail core of the community. “I’ve been in the community since 1991 and I can tell you that area had a movie theater, hardware store and some major retailers, including Walmart,” says Pearson. “It was basically the mecca of Missouri City at the time.” Click to read more at