How To Use The Power Of Story To Sell More

I’ve done everything from painting walls and rearranging furniture to taking out the garbage if a seller forgot. I’d do just about anything if I thought it would help sell a property. All of these things matter, but I’ve learned that there’s one extra thing you can do to make your listing stand out, create buzz and attract more buyers. I was once selling two brownstones on the same street. The first brownstone had undergone a dream renovation. It featured every modern touch a buyer would want, and better yet – all of the beautiful old touches were still in place. It was perfectly staged too. I’ll just say the second brownstone was rough around the edges. Sure, it was beautiful too – but it didn’t have a new kitchen, all of the bathrooms needed updating, the elevator was a potential death trap (I got stuck in it), and worst of all. . . it was completely empty. Click to read more at