AMA: Non-Target Career Changer To VP Of Development has been invaluable to me since I decided 5 years ago to make a career change into commercial real estate (from non-finance) so it’s my turn to give back. I hope my story can help some people. Background: Extreme non-target school (undergrad and MBA), Worked 10 years in non-finance employment (and unemployment as a stay at home parent), did some entrepreneurial ventures, Got a CRE brokerage job in secondary market from a different city, Moved to RE development after a year, Got hired as VP of dev after 3 years, Look like a loser on paper so I’ve had to rely 100% on networking, The networking side of my story is really unique and life-changing so I’ve expounded on it below but feel free to ask about the work itself. My First CRE Job (in another city): After 10 years of non-real estate related activity (but some entrepreneurship, which CRE people love) I networked my way into an investment sales position with a
JLL/CW/CBRE in a secondary market. Click to