Commercial Real Estate Crowdfunding Eyes ’18-Hour Cities’ for Small Investors

When Clear Point Gardens, a 604-unit apartment complex in Columbus, Ohio, recently changed hands, it produced a nearly 43% gain in 16 months, an amazing windfall for investors in the deal. All 68 of them. The sale of Clear Point, financed with help from investors on CrowdStreet’s online platform, is the latest example of how online syndication is revolutionizing the way deals are financed in the $6 trillion commercial real estate market. Online syndication is opening up potentially lucrative investment opportunities once the province of a privileged few. And deal choice has expanded beyond what even the wealthiest could have only dreamed back when real estate investing was solely a word-of-mouth game confined to the country-club elite. These days, the average investor can explore dozens of deals, from the ground-up development of new office buildings to the acquisition of apartment complexes. Click to read more at