Ray’s Buzz – February 2019

CCIM January Luncheon
Speaker: Patrick Jankowski, Sr. V.P. Research-Greater Houston Partnership

Takeaway: No recession in sight for the Houston or for the national economy.

• Oil prices need to find their ‘sweet spot’ for both the Houston and
the national economies
• ‘Recession’ is defined as two consecutive quarters of negative
growth-in spite of the negative things in the news these days, a
recession does not appear to be indicated any time soon
• In fact, the economy is still expanding locally and nationwide as
measured by all indicators
• The US economy expanded by creating 312,000 jobs last month,
which is strong, and more jobs = more consumer buying power
• The US economy last month showed 3.9% unemployment, which is
tantamount to full employment
• Consumer confidence is still rising; consumer debt is at a low point, so
if a recession were to come we would be in good shape to handle it
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