Imminent Eminent Domain: What The Future of Texas Central Means for Property Owners Along Its Route

We are pleased to issue guidance that provides Texas Central Partners’ pitch to build a high-speed rail line between Dallas and Houston is polarizing. The 240-mile route could be traveled in less than 90 minutes, offering a new option for the nearly 50,000 Texans who commute between the two cities more than once each week. While the first-of-its-kind project has faced considerable opposition, it also has many supporters in the public and Texas Legislature. “They have more than $450 million dollars of funding lined up and they’ve already acquired more than 30 percent of the right of way that they need,” says attorney David Showalter of Richmond’s Showalter Law Firm, which represents landowners and stays abreast of
projects that have the potential to impact property owners around the state. “They’re well on their way to having everything in place to start their project.” Click to read more at