Niche Domination: Invoke your ‘power to convene’ to become the undisputed leader.

The industrial broker who sits in the adjacent cubicle waves you over. “Hey! Did you hear about the big law firm that’s relocating downtown? They decided to hold a beauty pageant and interview four brokers for the tenant representation assignment.”

Your heart sinks. You didn’t get invited. Three months ago, the same thing happened when a local family decided to sell their three office buildings. Despite your successes, you somehow didn’t qualify to even propose your services.

Something’s wrong. You’ve put a lot of effort into building your presence in the marketplace. You’ve got a dozen signs in place that prominently display your name. You send more than 2,500 emails each month. You consistently post an article on the company’s website. You retweet at least two articles a week. Every deal you close generates a press release that you personally send to the editor of the business journal. You are active in two trade associations, and you are a deacon at your church.

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