North Texas rises to become one of top U.S. data center markets

In what seems like the blink of a server light, Dallas-Fort Worth has become one of the nation’s most-popular locations for data centers, a very specific type of real estate development that requires the most-advanced technologies, specialized construction techniques, and immense power supplies.

In fact, DFW is a top five market for the multimillion-dollar facilities that are full of blinking and humming racks of computer servers. They’re often shrouded in a veil of secrecy because of their contents. And, almost all of the buildings’ amenities are geared toward keeping their servers comfortably cool and secure.

So, how popular is North Texas for data center projects? North Texas is one of five Tier 1 markets for data centers in the U.S., a list that includes Chicago, Metro New York, Northern California, and Washington D.C., The ranking places Dallas-Fort Worth as a key international data center market, making it a destination for both national and global providers.

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