Grapevine’s ban on short-term rentals halted by lawsuit

A lawsuit was served to the city of Grapevine, challenging its ban on short-term rentals four days before the re-enforcement of the ban was set to take effect on Oct. 22, according to a city news release.

Grapevine has had an ordinance in place banning short-term rentals since 1982, but the council recently voted to reinforce the ordinance, which included sending known short-term rental owners cease and desist notices.

Local residents Linda Morrissey, Ludmilla Muns, Richard Mueller, Pamela Holt and Kari and Kevin Perkins filed the lawsuit in opposition of this ordinance, Grapevine City Attorney Matthew Boyle said in an email.

Judge Kimberly Fitzpatrick granted a restraining order to prevent the city from enforcing the ban until the issue is resolved.

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