Where Millennials Are Moving (And Where HQ2 Might Send Them)

If you look at the latest data, Millennials homebuyers aren’t flocking to the big cities or urban centers like most would assume. They’re heading to the outliers — smaller, more suburban towns where a slightly longer commute means more affordable housing, safer streets and a lower cost of living.

In fact, according to the Ellie Mae Millennial Tracker, the top cities among Millennial buyers last month were Indiana, Pennsylvania (about an hour from Pittsburgh); Bay City, Michigan (not far from Flint); and Watertown, South Dakota (1.5 hours from Sioux Falls).

Porch.com found that Millennials are moving increasingly toward “18-hour” cities — places that aren’t 24-7 like New York or Los Angeles but still offer nightlife, job opportunities and plenty of big-city amenities. Some of these include Greensboro, North Carolina; Saint Paul, Minnesota; Milwaukee; Detroit; and Aurora, Colorado. All five have an average new resident age of 24 or younger.

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