Imminent eminent domain: How public projects are impacting Texas landowners


From pipelines that cross the state to high-speed rail plans that cut Texas in half, massive projects are underway that have a significant impact on property owners all over the Lone Star State. REDNews touched base with eminent domain expert, David Showalter, to discuss the biggest implications.

Showalter, who got started in real estate law in 1977, has over 40 years of experience in real estate law. In addition to real estate development, he has handled hundreds of eminent domain cases in that time. His clients are a healthy mix of landowners, special-use properties, homeowners and business owners, large and small.

“This broad experience helps us because we see all facets of the process and how it affects different types of owners,” says Showalter. “We are more aware of, and sensitive to, the different ways that owners of property can be damaged and we can analyze each of those aspects in every case and make sure we’re covering all the ways they’ve been harmed so that they get full compensation along the way.”

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