Push for port funding is a waiting game where the prize is growth

Stand out on the shore in downtown Corpus Christi or on the North Beach side of the Harbor Bridge, and you’re likely to see quite a sight.

Large tankers or barges, some pushed by one or more tugboats, making their way across Corpus Christi Bay sail into the Port of Corpus Christi. Those vessels will later make their way back out, carrying dry goods or crude oil to various markets overseas. There’s a lot going on, but the hope is that this is only the beginning for the port as a global player.

Since Congress lifted a ban on oil exports in late 2015, the Port of Corpus Christi has become the nation’s largest exporter of crude oil. It is also the nation’s fourth-largest in total annual tonnage, and handles shipments of dry goods, wind turbine parts and military equipment.

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