Not-so-simple signs


For most consumers, signs are their first exposure to a brand, be it a restaurant, a store or a service. But often when commercial real estate professionals discuss retail and its trends, that first point-of-contact initially gets forgotten or looked over. That’s not the case at Plano-based American Signs.

“What happens over time in any type of advertising is that the more that someone sees a brand, the more they start to embrace the message that comes with it. Ideally, there’s some trust built into that,” says Bill Young, the company’s general manager. “So when they see that brand while they’re driving by, they recognize it and connect with it.”

Because brands, logos and consumer messages change so often, so too should a company’s signage, according to Young. He estimates the lifespan of a sign to be about 10 years before either the message is obsolete or the weather has taken its toll.


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