Interview with Howard Rambin, Houston Developer


REDNews: Good morning, Howard: To those of us with ‘grey hair’, you are an icon in commercial real estate in Houston. Can you share-for the benefit of newcomers to the CRE game-a summary of your career, including your educational background and how you first got started in real estate?

Howard Rambin: I attended high school at Deerfield in Connecticut and Kinkaid in Houston, and University of North Carolina and SMU. Starting at nine years old I had part time summer jobs ranging from paper boy, golf caddy, grocery clerk, truck mechanic assistant, bank clerk, YMCA coach, and work at a CPA firm.

In my first job out of college my firm was suddenly sold and I found myself out of work, married with a child. I had a friend who developed apartments, so I thought I could do it, too, so I got investors and bought an apartment project. Then I developed a Howard Johnson motel on the Gulf Freeway, and later a Hilton on Dairy Ashford and I-10.

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