Innovating Industrial: 2018 Trends to Watch


When it’s built out to its full potential, a 350-acre joint venture between Hillwood and T5 will offer 400 megawatts of data power.

“To put that in perspective, the entire Dallas- Fort Worth data center market is about 400 megawatts,” says Hillwood’s Tony Creme. “We’re very excited about this and see a lot of potential
in this new project.”

‘That property is part of AllianceTexas, the company’s 18,000-acre master-planned mixed-use community in North Fort Worth. Though it’s far from complete, the project is already home to
more than 480 companies, which provide more than 48,000 jobs, including Facebook. “This is the gift that seems to keep on giving,” Creme says of the social network’s data center.

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