Doing it right. Right now. – The Caldwell Companies way of doing business


If you ask the professionals who work for Houston-based Caldwell Companies what initially drew them to the firm, one word universally comes up: culture.

“It’s the people,” says Jim Black, Caldwell’s Senior Vice President of Commercial Property Services. “It’s really the associates I work with every day. It’s great people and a family-like environment.”

“The culture and the people were just a perfect fit,” echoes Senior Vice President of Brokerage Services, Keith Edwards. “I’ve been with Caldwell going on 18 years and love it. I love every day of it.”

The two industry vets, whose combined brokerage experience totals nearly 70 years, say Caldwell’s culture stresses integrity above all.

“This is a faith-based company. We are proud of that and approach everything with a high degree of integrity and honesty,” Black says. “We always try to do the right thing all the time.

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