The New Class A Office: How to Reposition Assets to Remain Competitive in Today’s Market

As more people return to the office, we are seeing certain pandemic era
predictions come to pass. There is a renewed focus on wellness, hybrid work
in one form or another is here to stay, outdoor space is highly valued, and
experiential work destinations are winning tenants.
The flight to quality, or more appropriately, the flight to experience, where
tenants flock to Class A assets, leaving behind outdated buildings, is a
common theme in most of our cities. Owners of Class A assets cannot rest on
their laurels: empty downtowns have deprived even marquee assets of the
kind of vibrancy that made such destinations special.
Now more than ever buildings need to earn the commute, those 40 minutes a
day on average that people gain when they work from home. People are using
that time to connect with family and improve their health, so workplaces
must respond with amenities that deliver the comforts of home, foster
wellness, increase productivity, and nurture social connection. Click to read more at