Why DFW Is the Next Emerging Market In Life Sciences

The life science industry aims to transform the world by blending research and developments into lifesaving healthcare products. A thriving life sciences market follows a healthy “cluster model,” which can be simplified into one word: convergence. The market needs to have educational institutions, capital sources, and government institutions heavily invested in translating science and technology into advanced therapies and devices to improve a population’s health on a broad scale.

Texas is no longer a flyover state for the life sciences industry as Dallas-Fort Worth has rapidly become the next emerging market. As the fourth largest MSA in the country, DFW is home to over 7.6 million residents sprawling over 9,000 square miles. With its immense size, DFW has access to the perfect cluster of resources needed to further advance the life sciences industry.

Future Talent:

The emergence of Dallas-Fort Worth into the life sciences market is largely due to the close proximity to 30 colleges and universities, such as the UT Southwestern Medical School, University of North Texas Health Science Center, Southern Methodist University, UTA, UTD, SMU and Texas Woman’s University. Currently, students across this region are already advancing the industry by evolving research and developments to fuse A.I. with advanced chemistry and biology to create innovative solutions for pharmaceutical development. As students graduate from these institutions, 75 percent of the graduates choose to stay and launch careers in the area, which is why DFW has one of the highest talent growth rates in Texas and is now one of the top markets for STEM talent. Click to read more at www.dmagazine.com.