TuSimple, Property Developer Team up to Boost Autonomous Trucking in Texas

The roads are mostly mapped for TuSimple to drive autonomously in Texas. Now it is up to commercial property developers to get ready for driverless trucks to come and go from warehouses.

Hillwood Investment Properties, one of the largest commercial real estate developers in the country, is taking suggestions from TuSimple Holdings (NASDAQ: TSP) on how to incorporate the needs of autonomous trucks into current and future facilities.

“If you develop a warehouse that has the right setup, like a separate entrance for autonomy, an area where you can put a launching pad and a landing pad for autonomous trucks, this is where the design of these warehouses are to be TuSimple Autonomous Freight Network-enabled,” TuSimple CEO Cheng Lu told FreightWaves. Click to read more at www.freightwaves.com.