Urban Partnerships Community Development Corporation Hired Robert Fiederlein as CFO

Here is some good news as we get ready to say goodbye to 2020. Some of Houston’s most economically depressed neighborhoods may be getting a cash infusion for new projects in the coming year. Urban Partnerships Community Development Corporation (UP CDC) has hired Robert Fiederlein as CFO. Fiederlein will have financial oversight of the new East End Maker Hub. In a more public role, Fiederlein will also oversee the disbursement of millions in capital for community development initiatives through the UP CDC. The fund is in the process of becoming certified as a Community Development Financial Institution; it will be one of only roughly 40 such certified institutions across the state. UP CDC President Patrick Ezzell is available for phone interviews if you would like to find out more about Fiederlein’s responsibilities or the target areas for local funding. Please let me know any other information you would like. Read more.