Sky-High Rental Prices Surpass Pre-Pandemic Levels by More Than 25%

The pandemic fueled a meteoric rise in rental prices, and a severe shortage of supply isn’t helping. The nation’s median rental price hit its latest new high of $1,849 per month in May, representing a 26.6% increase since 2019 before the pandemic began, according to the monthly rental report released today.

A key factor driving the ongoing rent surge is a lack of supply, as rental vacancy rates, which were already trending lower, have taken a sharp dive during the pandemic. These trends are magnified in the biggest cities that tend to attract younger residents, many of whom are in the early stages of their careers and looking for the flexibility in their living situations.

“We do not have enough housing, and increased costs are a concern for all, including the 40 million Americans who choose to rent,” said Bob Pinnegar, president and CEO of the National Apartment Association. “The white-hot housing market has further fueled existing supply shortages and increased housing costs as renters stay in apartments longer and expenses tied directly to property values — like taxes and insurance — skyrocket.” Click to read more at