Finding the Balance: How the Pandemic Expedited Evolution in Property Management

Property management has always been a feat of balancing the needs of the landlord with those of the tenants. Faced with the challenges of COVID-19, property management has evolved considerably in just two years.

“It’s been challenging. COVID has brought a whole new element to what we have seen in the property management world,” says Branon Pesnell, Senior Vice President and Managing Director of Property Services for NAI Partners in Houston. “We’ve really had to hold a lot of hands for landlords and walk them through this whole process because it’s something that none of us have seen before.”

From issues of building underutilization early in the pandemic to building cleanliness and social distancing as tenants started to return, Pesnell says properties have had to pivot and adjust like never before.

“We don’t have any kind of precedent to go off,” he explains. “It’s definitely been a learning process for everyone involved.” Click to read more at