WOSB & HUBZONE Firm Survives and Continues to Grow After 10 Years in Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery

“On our 10th ANNIVERSARY, I am happy to see our firm not just survive but thrive during tumultuous and unprecedented times as we help others to recover. We look forward to continued growth and expansion in each location, including our team and office in Puerto Rico. I am thankful for the addition of new partners and women to the team at PVMA and PVMA GLOBAL. Our commitment to supporting global recovery efforts through professional and humanitarian services remains our highest priority. I see many exciting years on the horizon for Women-Owned Small Businesses.” Laurie A. Robinson

“Over the past year, we have seen America’s small businesses overcome incredible challenges—a devastating pandemic, climate disasters, and other disruptions that have impacted how we live and do business. And every time, against the odds, America’s entrepreneurial spirit has come roaring back.” Isabella Casillas Guzman, 27th Administrator of the U.S. Small Business Administration (SBA.)

Project and Vendor Management Advisors, LLC (“PVMA”)is a women and minority-owned management consulting firm that provides an effective, efficient, and proven project management framework to deliver solutions to large complex challenges. PVMA provides experienced professionals that deliver quality results, on-time performance, and within budget for services related to grant administration, financial audits, compliance and monitoring, case management, and stakeholder engagement. PVMA’s staff of subject matter experts consist of Healthcare, (HUD) housing, FEMA, Emergency Management and Disaster Recovery specialist.

PVMA deploys teams of project managers and subject matter experts across the country to manage capital projects, emergencies, and disasters that impact municipalities, counties, governments, and the private sector. The firm has provided services for some of the largest recovery efforts since 2012 related to Disaster Recovery Financial Management & Reimbursement, Grant Management and Reimbursement Compliance Services, Case Management, FEMA Individual Assistance, Program Management & Housing Programs, and COVID 19 Reimbursement Services.

For More Information on PVMA: //pvmallc.com/services and //pvmaglobal.com.