The Best Markets For Real Estate Investment In 2022

Right now we’re not in ordinary times. The covid pandemic still threatens economic recovery, work and living patterns may be permanently altered, and a surge in home prices has disrupted our notions of what a home could be worth or what an investment property should cost.

Despite these difficulties – or rather, because of them – here is our guide using data from Local Market Monitor, Inc. for where and how investors can achieve the best returns with the lowest risk in the coming year. We will identify markets where demand for rentals should be strong but also – because most investors want to stay local – will show how to maximize your return in any local market.

Let’s start with the basics, will there be more or less demand for rentals in the coming years, and what kinds of rentals? The pandemic has soured a lot of people on living in apartments in crowded cities, the recent jump in prices means a lot of them are trying to buy a home. On the other hand, there are still fewer jobs than before the pandemic, and fewer people who can afford a home. Last year household income fell in all income brackets but most for people with modest incomes. Click to read more at