Real Estate Shakes Off Covid-19

Single-family homes are flying off the shelves. Commercial real estate is struggling.

But whatever you might say about the real estate market, you can bet the situation won’t remain that way for long. Those familiar with the market say residential real estate is already starting to cool off after the boom that started late last year. And yet at the same time, commercial real estate (including offices, warehouses and business sites) is seeing light at the end of the Covid-19 tunnel.

Nothing is static in this business. Different types of investments face their own different pressures.

“Last year, there was concern regarding how commercial real estate would weather the pandemic,” says Raj Dhanda, CEO of Black Creek Group, a real estate investment management firm based in Denver. “Despite this concern, we believe fundamentals are healthy, especially in the industrial and multifamily sectors. Commercial real estate is emerging from the pandemic strong and stable, and we are seeing an increasing interest in private real estate.”

“Leadership in the real estate sector can ebb and flow as market forces impact residential and commercial real estate differently,” wrote Cinthia Murphy in a report on, a research and analysis firm for the exchange-traded funds market. “If 2020 was a banner year for housing, 2021 is shaping up to be a great year for commercial real estate. Click to read more at