SpaceX to Convert Offshore Oil Platforms into Spaceports

SpaceX has purchased two deep-water oil rigs off the Texas Gulf Coast to someday use as sea-going spaceports for their Starship spacecraft. The commercial space firm, through an entity called Lonestar Mineral Development, bought the platforms from offshore drilling company Valaris in July, according to public filings. Several media reports say Lonestar Mineral Development bought the rigs that were headed to the scrapyard for $3.5 million each, a steal compared to the original production costs between $330 and 515 million in 2008. London-based Valaris has corporate offices in Houston and filed for Chapter 11 bankruptcy in August. The new owner has renamed the rigs Deimos and Phobos, presumably after the Martian moons, according to space media outlet Bret Johnsen, SpaceX’s chief financial officer, is listed in public records as Lonestar Mineral Developments’ principal. Click to read more at