‘Stability Married to Progress’: Cedar Hill Fosters Industry While Preserving Natural Beauty

The beauty of Cedar Hill is really unmatched in North Texas. The community of about 50,000 has found a home in the middle of nature, bordered by Cedar Hill State Park and Cedar Ridge Preserve. “You can live in the Hill Country and drive to Dallas in 30 minutes,” said Kim Buttram, economic development director of Cedar Hill Economic Development Corporation. Protecting that beauty is an important part of the planning process in Cedar Hill, which dedicates 20 percent of its land to the preservation of nature. To do so, city leaders have also been very thoughtful about where and how companies can settle, thrive and expand. The EDC has also played an important role. “One thing our EDC is really good at is anticipating the land use and preparing the land for the appropriate use,” Buttram said. “It’s been instrumental in laying the groundwork and infrastructure to support industry.” The result is the city’s industrial district, which includes the Cedar Hill Business Park. “The planning of the industrial district has always been one of the most pivotal things for the city because it positions industry within the natural environment,” said EDC marketing and research manager, Andy Buffington. “The leadership of the city has really taken that to heart to be discerning. It’s always been a very delicate balance.” Incorporated just over 30 years ago, the business park boasts tenants such as Dallas Aeronautical Services, Delta Steel and PepWear. As we go to print, only three lots totaling 21.3 acres remain available, for which the EDC is seeking out tenants focused on advanced manufacturing.
“We have several long-tenured tenants in our business park. That’s almost 30 years’ worth of relationship building,” Buffington said. Click to read more at www.rednews.com.