Constructing Tomorrow’s Buildings: Expect an Explosion in Modular Design

Next year, a new Hyatt Place Hotel will rise in Waco, Texas. Though it will have all of the typical amenities and features of a modern, new construction hotel, it’s what the guests won’t ever see that will be truly groundbreaking. The project is using the latest evolution in modular design and construction. This process has grown in maturity over the years, with recent innovations that endow tremendous time and cost advantages. The Waco Hyatt project, for instance, will be constructed almost entirely off site, in the fabrication facility that ModularDesign+ operates in Euless, Texas. A strategic partner of global architecture firm CannonDesign, ModularDesign+ hopes to change the way that owners, developers, architects and contractors think about modular construction. The 110-room, eight-story Hyatt Place Hotel Waco, designed by MWT Architects, will feature both rooftop and ground-level restaurants, a shopping center and a parking garage—all of which will be fabricated in Euless. Once completed, 140 stackable units will be shipped over the course of only three to four weeks to their final destination in Waco. That’s the largest incentive that modular offers: speed to market. The quicker that an owner or developer can begin generating revenue on a space, the better. Click to read more at