Commanding Capital: Flagship Capital Partners Funds Flow in Otherwise Dry Market

“Our phones have really been ringing off the hook,” said J.C. Clemens. The director of investments for Houston-based Flagship Capital Partners, Clemens said the past few months have been about as close to business as usual as they can be under the current circumstances. “We’re being very smart about the deals we’re choosing to lend on and we’re being thoughtful on our underwriting, but that’s how we’ve always operated as a capital source,” he said. Doing so has made Flagship dependable and durable, able to continue investing in projects even as the capital markets dried up due to the COVID-19 pandemic. “There are many larger capital providers with a lot of exposure to hotels, retail and oil and gas. Therefore, a lot of them have gone away,” said Clemens. He said the advantage of a private capital source such as Flagship is that the company keeps all its loans on its balance sheet. It doesn’t sell those loans off, as some other groups do. “Given all the uncertainty that’s in the market, people are looking for a lender who can close, somebody who can close on the terms they quoted in that first call. There’s no bait-and-switch,” Clemens said. “This is what we can do. We know we can do it. And we’re closing on those terms.” Flagship does it so well, its clients are spreading the word about the reliable capital provider that is actively looking to lend right now. Click to read more at