Single-user Office Spaces Debut in El Paso

Centrally located at 6090 Surety Drive in El Paso, Texas, the newly renovated Tri-State Plaza has now converted approximately 4,000 square feet to offer private, single-user leasable office spaces. Rebecca Rojas, André Rocha, and Ricardo Fernandez with CBRE in El Paso are representing the landlord. These offices can accommodate a single office user, or two-to three-person teams, looking for a renovated, private workspace. Numerous health benefits include the ability to socially distance and have limited person-to-person exposures, as well as the privacy of a closed office. “We have received several calls from potential tenants seeking small spaces to accommodate just themselves, or a smaller two- to three-person team,” said Rebecca Rojas, senior associate at CBRE. “The fact is there are many businesses that are entirely driven by one person or a small team. There are often not many options for these users when seeking a private office space to conduct business in. This led the ownership group to convert this suite into a space that would suit these unique needs in the market.” There are a variety of private offices available, ranging from 120 square feet to 540 square feet. The larger spaces are potentially divisible to accommodate small teams. “The chief hurdle we are encountering right now is the desire of office-based employees to return to the office combined with concerns around maintaining personal distance and safety,” said André Rocha, associate at CBRE. “As opposed to many renovated office spaces, which often have an open workspace environment and more common areas for gathering, these private offices will allow users to re-enter the office environment in a safer way.” All offices are equipped with free Wi-Fi and secure internet and conference room access. In addition, the property offers ample parking and security card access for after-hours. “Essentially, what the ownership group has created is the opportunity for a single office tenant to have access to office space but with the walls and distancing necessary for maintaining privacy and health safety,” Rojas said. Tri-State Plaza also has other office suites available for lease, ranging from 1,300 square feet to 4,500 square feet to accommodate larger teams that are looking for renovated space.