New TexAmericas Website Provides Detailed Economic and Community Information to Site Selectors

TEXARKANA — TexAmericas Center has upgraded its website on Thursday to provide a depth of information that could be valuable to business owners, site selectors and commercial listing agents evaluating locations. The website, in addition to a more user-friendly and intuitive interface, integrates with RealMassive, a real estate database provider, and ZoomProspector, a leading commercial real eastate data portal, according to a TexAmericas Center press release. Site selectors are used to culling multiple sources to identify, vet, and eventually select the ideal location for business establishment or expansion. Businesses have different goals for projects which can require weighing variables like cost per square foot, utilities, labor markets, tax rates, incentives, transportation, and cost of living. The press release states that the new TexAmericas Center website is designed to offer a single resource for more of these critical data points. The new website provides visitors with an overview of Texarkana a 75-mile, four-state (Texas, Arkansas, Louisiana and Oklahoma) region — as well as a robust database of TAC’s commercial property listings. The Property Search Database integrates listing information with economic and community data via RealMassive and ZoomProspector including regional demographics, laborshed, and industry concentrations. The aggregation of this information allows site selectors to view a variety of data points in one resource. This streamlines the initial process, after which the TAC real estate development professionals can offer more customized information, reports, and solutions for businesses. Click to read more at