What The Pandemic Has Taught Landlords About Utilizing Technology

Different real estate areas and investment types have been affected in various ways by the Covid-19 pandemic. Short-term rentals and Airbnbs, for example, have been hit hard and many of those properties have forcibly been liquidated. Those investors whose strategies revolved around fix-and-flips or BRRRR (buy, rehab, rent, refinance and repeat) have had to bring properties to market during a period when no one is allowed to physically visit them before making purchasing decisions. Long-term buy-and-hold properties have their own problems, too, with millions of Americans filing for unemployment over the last four months. The single stimulus check received so far was an all-too-temporary relief for many. Thankfully for renters, there are eviction moratoriums across the U.S., but for landlords, this means the weight of the current recession is coming down hard on their shoulders. To address these challenges now and in the future, one emerging trend is the acceleration of proptech adoption for everything from virtual showings to property management. Click to read more at www.forbes.com.