Tesla faces criticism of Elon Musk in bid to bring Cybertruck factory to Texas

As Tesla made its first public pitch to bring its Cybertruck factory to Austin, Texas on Tuesday, the company faced concerns from citizens about its treatment of workers, the proposal’s impact on the local housing crisis, the need to give the automaker tax breaks, and most of all, CEO Elon Musk. About 45 residents of Austin and the surrounding area spoke about the factory deal on Tuesday at a virtual public meeting held by the Travis County Commissioners Court, the policy-making and administrative arm of the local government. Many objected to Musk’s behavior during the coronavirus pandemic, including how he reopened Tesla’s California vehicle factory in violation of a local health order, sued the county where the factory is located, and spread misinformation about the virus. Texas is currently experiencing a “massive outbreak” of COVID-19 cases, according to Gov. Greg Abbott. Tesla has spent the last few months soliciting offers for its next US factory from “nearly every state and governor East of the Rocky Mountains,” Rohan Patel, the company’s senior global director of public policy, said at Tuesday’s meeting. But Tesla is now focused on bringing the factory, which is where it will make the Cybertruck and Model Y SUVs bound for the East Coast, to two specific places: either Austin or Tulsa, Oklahoma. Click to read more at www.theverge.com.