Property Managers Time to Shine

The pandemic shut down nearly all sectors of the economy but now, Texas has started to open back up. But it’s not like flipping a switch—there are countless property management considerations before, during, and after the return of commercial tenants to their spaces. REDnews recently hosted a webinar addressing this very topic, bringing together three strong Houston CRE voices. Participating in the webinar were Shawn Harvey, managing director of integrated services at Lee & Associates; Hunter Lane, vice president of Lane Property Tax Advocates and Robert Tyler, CPM, senior general manager at JLL. The panelists dove right in discussing the early conversations they are having with clients who are unsure of how to proceed. Their initial concerns surrounded the health of the people coming to the building. After that, Property managers know—now is their time to shine unsurprisingly, is the current and future impacts to rental income. “Early on we had a few tenants come in saying they were going to have difficulty paying rent,” said Harvey. “Once you start asking more in-depth
questions, a lot of them backed off.” Health experts have recommended a number of tactics to limit the spread of COVID-19, such as wearing masks, maintaining six-foot distances, washing hands and using sanitizer. But according to Tyler, it’s been a challenge to put building policies in place based on government guidelines. Click to read more at