Support in Seabrook: The city’s EDC steps up to help businesses

In many ways, the City of Seabrook had prepared for a disaster of this level. Even before Hurricane Ike slammed into Galveston Bay in 2008, the city had developed a plan in case the inevitable occurred. But the COVID-19 storm that started brewing in early 2020, hit in an entirely new way. “It was certainly like a tidal wave that hit the shore so fast. We saw it coming, we started to prepare and it hit. We just went into emergency mode” says Paul Chavez, Director of the Seabrook Economic Development Corporation. “It’s unprecedented because the whole world is experiencing something like Ike. Everybody is affected by it.” He says that in early February, the city started reaching out to citizens and businesses trying to prepare them for what lay ahead. “A lot of hard decisions had to be made, but we knew that for the safety of everybody, we had to make these decisions and enforce them,” Chavez says.” Click to read more at