Houston Industrial and Logistics Summit RECAP

• Waller County in the past was resistant to growth and that has changed since residents have seen the strong tax base which can come from industrial users who need to grow out of Houston; the County realizes now that high-paying jobs can come with industrial development as well; the County has few drainage issues since it has slightly rolling terrain; a new rail-served park is in place; the world’s largest cricket field is coming to Prairie View, emblematic of Houston’s diversity; the conversion from Ag land to industrial tax base can have a huge economic benefit to the County, and the residents have realized the difference this makes
• La Porte works diligently to balance the needs of citizens with needs of industrial users, but available land is dwindling, and remaining tracts in some cases are being hoarded for future use as City Fathers try to get it into ‘best hands’; high tax base from industrial users enables high-end services to local citizens; the City realizes that ‘time is money to developers’ and it makes available meet-ups where a developer can come and sit down with all City department heads in one meeting to determine the level of support for his proposed land use
• Storm surge and inundation was minimal in La Porte during Harvey; nonetheless, attention is being given to future weather issues; a Tri-County cooperative effort has been established including Baytown and Chambers County after severe flooding in the Cedar Bayou watershed from rain and rising water which saw 6-8 feet of water invade a large industrial development which had been recently completed; the cooperative group is seeking regional, state, and federal dollars for future deluge and storm surge prevention, while pre-Harvey there was minimal cooperation

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