What is Commercial Real Estate Data?

Over the past few years, data has become the most discussed topic in commercial real estate (CRE). Like almost every other field, the proliferation and access to data is fundamentally changing the way the world thinks about commercial properties and commercial real estate in general. And like other industries, one of the critical challenges with the emergence of real estate data is the ability to understand and communicate what we actually mean when we lump every bit of information into a generic term like “data.” Depending on who you speak within the real estate space, data can mean a variety of different things. For some in commercial real estate, data is all-encompassing and includes every bit of information available about a property. For others, data includes information about how the building works and all of the relevant systems that power a modern building. And yet for others in commercial real estate, data is everything captured around a transaction related to a specific piece of property. So, with so much data and so much rapid change, how can we effectively communicate what is meant when we use an umbrella term like ‘commercial real estate data’? Click to read more at www.realmassive.com.