The Personal Economic Impact of the Covid-19 Crisis

As a financial analyst, it’s easy for me to focus on the big picture alone sometimes. Whether we’re talking about a positive set of circumstances like what we had on our hands almost all of last year…or something as economically and perhaps personally devastating as the impact of Covid-19… my first instinct is to seek out answers to the following four questions:

What’s the data?
What’s the projected impact?
What’s the expected timeline for how long it should last?
What’s the best recommendation on how to handle it?
Indeed, I just wrote a Forbes article about that the other day. In “The Coronavirus Is Hurting Restaurants. Here’s What That Means for Real Estate,” I got straight to the point, noting how:

“Aside from the airlines and hotel operators, restaurants could be one of the biggest victims of the coronavirus pandemic. “In only a matter of days, thousands of eateries – from fast-food chains to fine-dining establishments – have shut down across the country. Eating out at restaurants was one [of] the first things that many people cut back on as they realized Covid-19 could be spread via human-to-human contact. Click to read more at