Keeping It In A Family

Amid the many qualities that define the state of Texas, some of the most celebrated are history, pride and family. Though you’ll often find all three
in any given Texan, their combined connection to a single piece of property is much more rare today than in decades past. That’s why the sale of the 1,500-acre Pecan Plantation in Granbury is making headlines. “It’s really a family legacy deal,” says Bernie Uechtritz, founder of Icon Global Group, which is marketing and selling the property. His is a familiar name in the real estate world, having gained considerable fame for his 2016 sale of the W.T. Waggoner Ranch, which was listed at $725 million, to billionaire Stan Kroenke. “We’ve been really busy, really blessed,” Uechtritz says, “But you know what they say: you’re only as good as your next deal, not your last.” The challenges of the Waggoner Ranch deal are similar to those of Pecan plantation. Both were acquired by a single family, worked by that family and, when it came time for sale, ideally held together by another family. Click to read more at