Power in Knowledge

Flip a switch, the light turns on. Put a plug in a socket, the electricity flows. Turn the faucet, water gushes. Utilities are essential to the operation of any property, but they are often overlooked because it’s easy to take them for granted. But in commercial real estate, many companies overlook utility costs and capabilities during the site selection process. Workforce development and logistics are hot topics in commercial real estate but don’t overlook other necessities. In today’s competitive landscape, the timeframe for corporate site selection from start to finish continues to tighten. Decision-makers expect sites for new construction or buildings with new operations to have the necessary utility capacity from the get-go. Utility providers, therefore, can add significant value to the site-selection process by working with communities, site selectors, and their clients to have plans and approvals in place for system or capacity expansions. Click to read more at www.ccim.com.