When Steve Hubbs began working at Houston-based Key Maps two decades ago, you could say the map-making industry was a little different than it is today. The company’s books of grid maps were the go-to navigational tool for everyone from emergency responders to pizza delivery drivers. “There was definitely a heyday when we were the only source in town for any kind of maps,” Hubbs laughs. “Then GPS came along.” These days, the grid maps can serve as an excellent backup when you’re in a pinch. “Throw a Key Maps book in your trunk or wedge it between your seats,” suggests Hubbs. “If your phone’s dead and you’re lost, you’ll at least be able to navigate your way through the streets.” When he acquired the company nearly three years ago, Hubbs understood the changing times meant he needed to adapt. The era of map books had faded, but the public’s fascination with cartography had not. Click to read more at