Technology Solutions To Aid Process Documentation

At its core, property management is all about communication, and there is plenty of room for improvement. Interactions with property owners, tenants, vendors, and employees need to be coordinated with efficiency and professionalism in order to keep everything running smoothly and enable growth in a market that is only getting more competitive. “Communication can easily become chaos if not handled correctly,” said Nick D’Agnillo, CEO and founder of Nexus Property Management. “Between phone calls, text messages, emails, and walk-in traffic, it can be hard to keep tenants, owners, and staff on the same page. Documentation is very important to avoid miscommunication.” The extent of human interaction that is integral to property management creates a large margin for human error. Poor lead management, records of calls/emails, inspection coordination, tenant screening, and maintenance work orders are just a few examples of tasks that are difficult to execute consistently without formal process documentation and the assistance of workflow software that makes the documentation actionable for your team. Click to read more at