Austin Developer Endeavor Raises $300 Million For Real Estate Investments

Endeavor Real Estate Group, one of the most active developers in Central Texas, is on a money-raising roll. The Austin-based commercial real estate firm has raised nearly $160 million, according to filings with the U.S. Securities and Exchange Commission, and has commitments from investors that would increase that total to more than $300 million. The funding would go toward future real estate investments. A June 25 filing with the SEC shows Endeavor raised $141.7 from 91 investors. A second securities filing showed that Endeavor raised $17.6 million in equity from 26 investors. Bryce Miller, an Endeavor co-founder, and managing principal said the filings do not reflect all of Endeavor commitments, which are more than $300 million. “The fund investors are private individuals for the most part, and a majority of them have invested in Endeavor projects in the past,” Miller said. “This real estate fund is not unique to Endeavor and is a commonly used vehicle for raising investment equity.′ Click to read more at