Texas Medical Center Redesigns Massive TMC3 Project

The 37-acre biomedical research campus planned for the Texas Medical Center has been redesigned, a move officials said would better cultivate a “live, work and play” atmosphere combining collaborative research facilities with shops, restaurants, residences and offices peppered with parks and plazas. The new design, from Boston-based Elkus Manfredi Architects, builds on an earlier plan to develop a sprawling research building resembling a double helix — a nod to the scientific description of a strand of DNA — capped with an elevated park with gardens and trails. “In the previous scheme, the DNA strand was really the building. Now the DNA strand is really the spaces between the buildings,” said David Manfredi, chief executive of Elkus Manfredi. “Instead of mapping the building on a DNA strand, we’re using that icon or that image or emblem as a way to define outdoor spaces.”  Click to read more at www.chron.com.