10 Things Property Managers Can Do To Increase ROI

The multifamily industry is in constant change and more crowded than ever before with projects across all asset classes. To stay competitive, property managers must change with it. Here are 10 things property managers can do to provide increased value to owners and asset managers—and to add to the bottom line of their portfolios. 1. Get back to basics. At its core, property management is still all about maintaining assets and their value. What’s changing, however, are the expectations of owners and asset managers. They expect more these days. So, managers need to up their game to provide added value to the clients. In addition to providing core management services, consider more sophisticated asset management functions such as serving as a liaison for real estate taxes, insurance, utility purchasing or with local political entities. Those are just a few of the ways to remain competitive and differentiate yourself from other property management firms. Click to read more at www.rejournals.com.