What HNWIs Want from Commercial Real Estate

Comparing the findings from exclusive research with the audiences of NREI and WealthManagement.com.

In 20162017 and 2018 NREI conducted research with its audience on high-net-worth investor (HNWI) interest and activity in commercial real estate. In 2018, WealthManagement.com also conducted research among advisors in its audience asking similar questions.

The studies found there remains resounding interest among HNWIs in commercial real estate. But among the most interesting findings in the surveys centered around where perceptions of CRE pros diverged from wealth management advisors.

There is a slight divergence in perceptions as to whether HNWI’s interest in commercial is rising, falling or staying the same. Just more than two-fifths of NREI’s respondents estimated HNWI CRE allocations are increasing, which was in line with advisors’ views. However, another one-fifth of NREI readers in the 2018 study estimated HNWI interest is falling vs. just 6.6 percent of WealthManagement.com readers. 

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