U.S. Commercial Real Estate Executives Crown Industrial as King in 2018

Altus Group Limited (“Altus Group”) (TSX:AIF), a leading provider of independent advisory services, software and data solutions to the global commercial real estate industry, today released the results of the 2018 Altus Group Real Confidence Executive Survey, revealing that commercial real estate (“CRE”) executives are particularly confident in the strength of the industrial sector and are concerned about the impact of natural disasters on the U.S. economy in 2018.

The executive survey polled industry leading CRE decision-makers on economic trends, demographics, consumer preferences, and the supply and demand of commercial real estate assets. Executives were also asked to allocate a theoretical $1 billion worth of capital in CRE investments to get the best returns for 2018. The Altus Group Real Confidence Executive Survey index is based on these allocations and represents a total theoretical investment of $52 billion of capital.

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